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Quantitative image analysis service

Outsource your image analysis with our Data Processing Pipeline.
Or, try our *NEW* customized automation solutions:
Custom analysis scripts in the Jupyter Environment

Outsource your image analysis

Upload your images

Image your samples as you normally do, or send them to one of our trusted imaging partners. Upload the images from a single user or an entire team to a shared cloud-storage folder.

We analyze them

We automate as much of the analysis as possible, and the rest is performed by our network of analysts. We manage the process to ensure that the quality is controlled, and make it easy for you to validate.

The results are provided in a way to make them easily verified by your team. You can easily trace back any particular step, so you can delegate the laborious steps while maintaining control of the entire process!

Download your results

How it works
Data Processing Pipeline

Data Processing Pipeline: Overview

Enabling big biology

A new challenge faces investigators, so much data and not enough time. Quorumetrix was founded to provide scalable analysis solutions for biologists entering into a new data-intensive paradigm

We speak your language

Your time is precious, so you won't have to simplify your work to talk with our team. Your front-line of communication will always be with a specialist who knows the jargon and nuance of your discipline.

Our commitment to Open Science

We ensure transparency of the entire process, as science should be. We don't chase patents, we craft solutions!

Quorumetrix Solutions
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