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Drisya Dileep, Tabish A. Syed, Tyler F. W. Sloan, Perundurai S. Dhandapany, Kaleem Siddiqi, Minhajuddin Sirajuddin

I built a Blender-Python module to interface with 3D microscopy and vector field data arrays. The glyphs and streamlines were used in 3D renders in the figures and in supplemental videos.


Christopher K. Salmon, Tabish A. Syed, J. Benjamin Kacerovsky, Nensi Alivodej, Alexandra L. Schober, Michael T. Pratte, Michael P. Rosen, Miranda Green, Adario DasGupta, Hojatollah Vali, Craig A. Mandato, Kaleem Siddiqi, Keith K. Murai 

I built a Blender-Python module to combine 3D reconstructions, precomputed paths and tabular data into user-friendly Blender models. Static renders in the paper were made from these models. I also composed a 4:30 "hype video" to accompany the paper and visually explain some of the geometric analysis methods.

Fig S9.png

Tsai HF, Gajdac, J.Sloan TF, Rarese A, Shen AQ

I built a Jupyter-Python notebook to perform cell migration calculations and produce automated plot outputs from the machine learning module. 

Sloan TF, Qasaimeh MA, Juncker D, Yam PT, Charron F

This paper was my thesis work. I developped a microfluidic gradient assay, and performed cell migration experiments on neurons. I wrote analysis software to compute axon migration and gradient measurements, and produced all of the graphics from the article.

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