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Particles of Magnitude

A film-reel and teaser for a feature-length film of the same name.

Particles of magnitude is an animated and immersive data visualization spanning orders of magnitude, from the galactic to the sub-cellular. Take a journey down the rabbit hole, exploring each scale of nature with visualizations based on real data.

About the artist:

Tyler Sloan (@ Quorumetrix), is a scientist turned data artist living in the Montréal borough of Rosemont. His art is usually informed by his scientific training as a neurobiologist, and always involves interpreting and visualizing large data-sets in an artistic manner. This 2:45 short film was a final project for the Immersive 360 course at the Montreal SAT. It is best considered as a film-reel, demonstrating my technical capabilities for bringing data alive on the BIG screen. 

Technical details:
This is a pilot/teaser for a full length immsersive film I would like to create. This video is hosted on Vimeo  in the DomeMaster / Fisheye format (360 degrees horizontal, 210 degrees vertical) at 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution, A 3072 x 3072 pixel version encoded with the DXV3 codec at 60 fps, can be obtained by contacting me.

All data analysis, visualization, animation, and video editing was done by me, Tyler Sloan. I am especially grateful to David Switchenko for providing the soundtrack, and to the Open Date providers that made this possible. All data was analyzed with the Python scientific stack (Numpy, Pandas) and visualized with the Processing planetarium library (by Andres Colubri) or with Blender.


Data sources (by scale):

Galactic / Planetary:

Surface / city:






Film highlight image gallery

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