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Data visualization and animation

Quorumetrix Studio

Featured animation:
Montréal: 'The Lines that Connect' intro to '24 Hours of Traffic'. Exhibited at the 6th biennial conference on Resting State and Brain Connectivity 2018.

This is an extended version of an animation long-listed for the 2018 Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards.

See a more in-depth examination of traffic patterns at
Music credit: Saxsyndrum 
Soundscapes from the Montreal Sound Map.

Custom Visualizations: Our Services

Stage 1: Prototype

A bare-bones, proof-of-principle for the visualization or animation

We will dive into the data to find the interesting aspects, and determine the best way to communicate it. We will generate a prototype that is visually simple, and may only use a small portion of the original data-set, depending on the volume of data. At this stage, you will decide whether or not to continue with our services.

Cost: $500-1000 CAD

Stage 2: Polishing

Stylize and focus on esthetic

We will continue to work through iterations of the visualization, improving the visual esthetic, and focusing on displaying the relevant information clearly, and in an engaging manner. This stage of the process will involve more hands-on involvement with your team, to ensure that all of the changes we make will bring the visualization closer to your desired final product.

Cost: Variable, $500 / day

Stage 3: Full-service, end-to-end product

We will take the project all the way from ideation to publication, on a deadline

If your team is satisfied with the direction and scope of the prototype, we will deliver a fully-polished visualization on a well-defined deadline. 
The visualization will be publication-ready in whatever medium you choose, whether a video for Youtube or television commercial, an interactive animation for website or mobile application, or high-end presentation for a large audience.

Cost: $5,000 and up depending on the size and scope of the project.

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